+ 20 Millions of health-related Tweets per week

THDP is an extension of the World Diabetes Distress Study (WDDS) study to other outcomes than diabetes. This platform consists in :
A continuous collection of Tweets related to:

• Diseases (Diabetes, Cancer, Covid-19, MS, IBD, RA, Rare Diseases….)

• Drugs (insulin, ventolin, statin...)

• Symptoms (diarrhea, stress…)

• Health concepts (drug abuse, physical violence, abortion…)

• Lifestyle (sleep, nutrition, physical activity)

A creation of a Worldwide Online Health Observatory

• Analyses by topic

• Resource to interrogate to better understand and apprehend a disease, a population or a medical concept

This platform is meant to bring answers to several objectives :

• Real-time epidemiological surveillance : description of populations of interest all over the world, data Viz, detailed statistics by age, sex, location, disease, SES

• Pharmacovigilance : Treatments, side effects, medical concepts, symptoms, misinformation & fake News, psychological well-being, emotions, nutrition,...

• Evaluation of innovations and interventions : before/after studies, how people welcome innovations (new medical devices, apps or treatments)

• Hot topics, trends : topic modeling, keyword search,...

Scientific contact

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