Colive Voice is recruiting ! To participate and donate your voice, it is easy and takes only 20 minutes (English, French, German, Spanish languages supported), please follow this link:


CoLive Voice


The CoLive Voice project aims to collect voice recordings to create a unique international and multilingual vocal database. Clinical and medical data will be associated with these recordings. CoLive Voice will be a screening platform to identify vocal biomarkers that can be associated with different health conditions such as cancer, diabetes, COVID-19, multiple sclerosis, inflammatory bowel diseases. The identification of such vocal biomarkers will allow better diagnosis, prevention and remote monitoring of these diseases.


• Any interested person can participate in this large transversal study, regardless of their health conditions.

• Participants will have to complete several questionnaires about their health conditions and make voice recordings at the same time.

• Participation will remain anonymous.




To learn more about CoLive Voice, please visit our public Trello.

Voice is the most natural, energy-efficient way of interacting with others

• Cheap & widely available digital resource to leverage for healthcare

•  Could one day replace questionnaires in health research

•  Can be used for:

• Remote monitoring of emotions, stress and fatigue

• Early markers of risk

•Diagnostic markers for mental health, neurodegenerative diseases, cancer, cardiometabolic diseases, lifestyle,...


If you want to learn more about the project, visit our public Trello: CoLive Voice

CoLive Voice

CoLive Voice is a voice recording collection that will enable the identification of vocal biomarkers useful for remote diagnosis, prevention and monitoring of diseases. Anyone can participate and make their voice recordings.

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