eHealth devices after cancer

This research project aims to improve tertiary prevention after cancer and to understand how activity trackers can contribute to a better lifestyle, psychological and overall health after cancer.

Use of digital health in disabled population

The objective of this research is to collect information about the use and utility of digital health in disabled population, including older participants.

Studying physical activity behaviour using accelerometry data

The PASH research group and the DDP Lab collaborate to map out the multidimensional and/or complex metrics used to provide a comprehensive picture of an individual's physical activity behaviour.

Identification of innovative digital data for epidemiological studies

This project aims to identify innovative digital data that can be used for epidemiological studies. There is a great need for a systematic review on the use of these data for medical research.


30-50% of women with breast cancer discontinue oral hormone therapy (OHT). The objective of this project is to build an effective e-health device to monitor OHT & increase medication adherence.