CoLive Voice

Building a global, multilingual and vocal database with associated clinical and medical data to identify vocal biomarkers for remote diagnosis, prevention and monitoring of diseases.

Identification of vocal biomarkers associated with patient emotions

This project is dedicated to the identification of voice biomarkers associated with patient emotions.


Predi-COVID will provide important results and improve the understanding and management of the epidemic by identifying important risk factors and biomarkers associated with the severity of Covid-19.

World Diabetes Distress Study (WDDS)

The World Diabetes Distress Study is a worldwide study on the determinants and health effects of diabetes distress using data from Twitter and Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods.

Twitter Health Data Platform (THDP)

THDP is an extension of the World Diabetes Distress Study (WDDS)study to other outcomes than diabetes. It uses Twitter data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods to better understand diseases.

Connected activity trackers

This research program aims to study how the data generated by connected devices can be leveraged to identify digital biomarkers for a more personalised and timely prevention.