Digital Epidemiology

In 2019, the LIH's Department of Population Health (DoPH) has initiated a strategic research axis on Digital Epidemiology to contribute to leverage real-world data and digital technologies to improve the prevention and management of diseases.

Digitization of health care

The digitization of health care is transforming the way diseases and populations are characterized and monitored. It enables more personalised health care to be provided by taking into account the physiological and contextual specificities of individuals. To move towards precision health, it is necessary to develop innovative study models and approaches that encompass digital, biological, clinical and omics data. All these data would allow for more accurate characterization of diseases and populations.


Digital epidemiology, eHealth, digitosome, digitization of healthcare, artificial intelligence, AI, digital cohorts

Dr Guy Fagherazzi, PhD, ADR – Research Leader of the “Digital Epidemiology - E-health” hub

DDP Group Leader

In June 2019, Guy Fagherazzi, PhD was appointed
Group Leader of this DDP Research Unit.

“I like to work at the interface
between digital epidemiology,
data science and clinical research.
For me the biggest challenge is now
to develop innovative approaches
where digital data are combined
with other omics, biological and clinical data
to deeply characterise the patients”,
says Guy Fagherazzi, PhD, Group Leader of
the Deep Digital Phenotyping (DDP) Research Unit.